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Investment Interest Repayment

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Investment Interest Repayment

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Words from our borrowers

  • “As a farmer, I have large expenses in advance before the produce can be sold. Where I have my farm, there are no providers of financial services. Therefore, I was very happy when I could get an agricultural loan from CML.” Charles, farmer
  • “I came to CML for a loan but in the end, I got so much more. Volunteers from CMLs international volunteer program picked interest in my school and today, their charity organization funds my school.” Lillian, school owner
  • “I was lucky to get large orders from schools for my bakery products but my production capacity was too low. With a loan from CML, I could buy better equipment and increase the production capacity.” Samuel, baker

Messages from the founders

  • Bill

    Bill's vision

    I came to Uganda early in 2015 to assist CML.  As an experienced microfinance practitioner, I could tell quickly that CML’s internal operations – marketing, product definition, underwriting, portfolio management, management information system and the rest – were more than up to par.  What they needed, and still need, is capital.  Successful borrowers want to continue to grow, and CML needs to keep pace (and there really aren’t other available sources, as CML’s borrowers are too small to interest the local banks).  Lenders Without Borders enables CML to gain resources and expand impact.

  • Moses' vision

    As the gap between the rich and poor widens, measures to reduce this gap are highly required. My vision for Lenders Without Borders is that entrepreneurs in Uganda and the rest of Africa will have a platform to partner with interested individuals from all over the world without being limited of country borders. Access to capital is ranked number one among the challenges that micro entrepreneurs in Uganda and the rest of Africa are facing. Lender Without Borders is a solution to the problem of lack of access to capital and it also brings about a mutual benefit to both the lender and the borrower.

  • Sandra's vision

    For me, Lenders Without Borders is much more than just an opportunity for people in the west to invest in Ugandan businesses. My vision is that it will be a platform where individuals and companies in Uganda can meet with their counterparts in Europe and US and exchange not only capital, goods and services but also knowledge and ideas. Further, I think the image of Sub-Saharan Africa as a region of misery that many NGO’s try to sell is outdated. With Lenders Without Borders, I want to draw an alternative picture of Sub-Saharan Africa as the region of opportunities it is.

Be a lender without borders

Uganda is a country full of potential ready to be unleashed. Take the opportunity to do socially beneficial investments with a competitive interest rate.