Are you interested in learning more about the businesses you have invested in?

Do you have useful knowledge or interesting ideas that the business owner can benefit from?

Or, are you just curious to learn more about how life is as a Ugandan small scale business owner?

At Lenders Without Borders, we want to encourage relationship building and we are happy to help you get in touch with your business owner. We will share contact details and advise you on how to proceed. While some of our business owners have internet access and speak perfect English, others might better be reached through one of CML’s staff members. However, most of them rarely have the chance to interact with someone from your part of the world and they will be very happy to do so!

Of course, the best way to interact is face to face. Drop by when you are on holiday discovering all the fantastic things Uganda has to offer to tourists, or learn more about how to volunteer with CML or other projects at microfinance volunteers website.

Be a lender without borders

Uganda is a country full of potential ready to be unleashed. Take the opportunity to do socially beneficial investments with a competitive interest rate.