Samuel Kamya

Samuel is a successful baker in Nansana, a suburb to Kampala. His cakes are very appreciated by his customers and his client base now consists of more than 80 supermarkets and 15 schools.

Two years ago, Samuel’s bakery moved into the current premises. Samuel was lucky to obtain a ten year contract for the land and such long term solution was what he needed to start the journey towards having a successful bakery. He constructed the bakery including an oven by himself and over time he has managed to buy better equipment and hire more workers. Today, Samuel employs around seven people depending on order status. Together, they produce cakes worth 1.5 million UGX (around $450) two times per week.

Hard work and talent is not enough to become a successful baker such as Samuel. Buying material for an oven and good equipment requires capital. Since he moved to the new location, Samuel has had three loans with CML altogether. Samuel says that without the possibility to borrow funds, it would have taken him a significantly longer time to reach the production levels he has today.

Currently, the production capacity in the bakery is sufficient. However, the process for packaging cakes is manual and time demanding. In addition, Samuel have to deliver all his cakes with a single boda boda (small motorbike) and since the clients are located not only all over Kampala but also in neighbouring towns, transport consists a real bottleneck. The low efficiency in packaging and transporting the products prevents Samuel from serving all potential customers. He hope to overcome these problems by purchasing a machine for packaging and a small truck for delivery. These are large purchases and Samuel will again need a loan. Since he has a business with potential and a good record of three loans paid according to schedule, CML is willing to help Samuel once again as soon as enough capital is available.

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