Three times per year, LWB will update you of the repayment history of your chosen business owners. You are also welcome to contact LWB anytime if you have questions. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity for you to get in direct touch with our partner CML or the business owners who are benefitting from your funds.

In October every year, you will receive CML’s annual report and social impact report. Previous versions of the annual report can be downloaded here.

Many entrepreneurs borrow money for a shorter period than one year. We still use one year as minimum loan term for investors because it might take some time for CML to administer the loan until it can be disbursed to the borrower. The longer term also allows us to have some margin in case a borrower is late with repayment. It may however be that we contact you before the investment term is over to offer you a new investment opportunity or the money back.

Due to the high fees for sending money from Uganda, we cannot pay out the interest on a yearly basis. For those investing for more than one year, the interest will instead be reinvested and paid out to you when the investment is returned. We also offer you the option to donate your interest to charity.

The interest and the repayment will be transferred to a bank account you specify. LWB will cover the fees for the transfer. However, you are responsible to pay the charges that your bank charges when receiving money from abroad.

Be a lender without borders

Uganda is a country full of potential ready to be unleashed. Take the opportunity to do socially beneficial investments with a competitive interest rate.