Business Bike repair service, brick production and barbershop
Loan request 1 000 000 UGX (€ 230)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 36
Family Married with five children
Funded 0%


In a community where motorized transport is scarce, bicycles provide great benefit for many people such as children who have to travel long distances to their schools. However, the dusty roads of Kampala’s outskirts provide a tough challenge for even the most robust bikes, and bike repairers such as Moses are highly needed in the villages.

Moses is a man with many skills and a true entrepreneur. When he does not have any bikes to repair, he makes bricks to sell and he also has a small barbershop. In addition, he has many more innovative ideas that he wishes to realize as soon as he get enough capital.

Loan purpose

Moses desires a business loan to increase his supply of spare parts and buy more tools needed for bike repairs. He will then be able to do more advanced repair work and will also be more efficient in his work. Moses will then have more time to work on his other income generating projects and he expects to increase his overall income. Extra income is highly needed in Moses’ household, not only for investing in new projects, but also for paying school fees for his five children.

Loan history with CML


Loan size

Loan term

Repayment history


 300 000 UGX

4 months Fully repaid
2012 400 000 UGX 6 months

 Fully repaid

2015 800 000 UGX 6 months

Fully repaid

2016 800 000 UGX 12 months

Fully repaid

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