Business Nutrition Clinic
Loan request 3 000 000 UGX (€700)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 55
Family Married with children. Cares for four of her grandchildren at her home.
Funded 0%


Ruth is a diplomate nutrition therapist. In her clinic, she treats different types of life style diseases such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis and hypertension. Ruth has a three months treatment program that consists of a diet as well as advices about exercising, sleeping habits and other life style related issues. Traditional herbal medicine is also used in the treatment. During the ten years Ruth has been in business, the clinic has treated more than 6 000 patients.

Uganda might be mostly associated with infectious diseases such as Malaria and HIV. But thanks to medical progress and increased living standards, the problem with these diseases is declining. Unfortunately, higher living standard and increased life length is associated with an increase in life style related diseases. Therefore, there is a growing demand for competences such as Ruth’s. One of Ruth’s dreams is to start a school for nutrition therapists so that she can share her knowledge with more people.

Earlier, Ruth hosted a popular radio show about health issues. She has also written a book; “Let your food be your medicine” that became very popular and sold out quickly. The publicity resulted in many new clients and Ruth was able to buy her own land and clinic. Since she moved to the new location and finished doing the radio show,
potential patients have not find her clinic to the same extent and Ruth has now realized that marketing is needed to maintain a high number of patients.

Loan purpose:

In order to market her clinic, Ruth plans to reprint a number of her popular book and include some advertisement for the clinic on the cover. She now needs a loan to finance the printing.

Loan history with CML

YearLoan sizeLoan termRepayment history
 2016  500,000 UGX  6 months  fully repaid

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