Business School
Loan request 1 500 000 UGX (€ 350)
Loan Term 2 years
Age 37
Family Married with two children
Funded 0%


Charles has a vision, and that is to provide high quality education at a low cost to enable poor children to develop themselves. His passion and genuine interest in the children is evident and can be seen in the progress his students make. Three years ago, Charles started a school in Nansana. It very quickly become very popular among parents in the area and after two years, the school already has 173 students

Initially, Charles rented a place for his school but he eventually ran into difficulties when his landlord started to raise the rent. Eventually, he locked Charles out of the class rooms and confiscated the furniture. Even though the students had to sit on the floor for a period of time, most of the parents wanted their children to remain in Charles’ school due to the high quality of the education their children received.

Because of this situation, Charles realized that renting a place is not a sustainable solution for a school. He found a piece of land that is perfect for building the school of his dreams and has already made a first payment for it. To own the land and the school premises will send important signals to the parents that this is a serious school with a long term perspective.  Charles has already had parents contact him about the new school.

Loan purpose

Most of the Charles’ savings were used to make a first payment for the land. Now he needs a loan to be able to set up some temporary buildings. Once these are in place, Charles can accept students and part of the school fees can then be used for financing the rest of the land and for constructing the permanent school buildings.

Loan history with CML

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