Business School for vulnerable children
Loan request 1 500 000 UGX (€ 350)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 39
Family Single parent with three children. She also cares for 22 orphans at her home.
Funded 0%


Lillian is the owner of a school that provides free education to orphans and other vulnerable children. The school fills an important function in a community where many children are orphans or live with single parents who cannot afford to pay the school fees. The closest public school is 10 km away, a distance too far for children to walk. Currently, there are around 105 children at the school, in the ages of three to fourteen years old.  Around 20 of them are orphans or other vulnerable children.

Through CML, Lillian has gotten in touch with a Canadian couple who have set up a charity organization that sponsors the vulnerable children. With their help, Lillian’s dream of buying a piece of land where she can run her school came through.

In addition to school fees, Lillian finances her school by producing and selling liquid soap and Vaseline together with the children’s guardians. The older students also take part in the production which enables them to learn practical skills that can be used to earn an income once they finish school. Together with the charity organization, Lillian also has a project where she teaches single mothers income generating skills. CML has made an arrangement with another client who is a shoemaker, and the mothers are now producing decorative details for shoes.

Loan purpose

Lillian needs a loan to be able to buy more material for the shoe details. She also wants to buy larger quantities of the ingredients for soap and Vaseline in order to increase the production. .

Loan history with CML


Loan size

Loan term

Repayment history


500,000 UGX

4 Months

Fully repaid


500,000 UGX

6 Months

Fully repaid


1,000,000 UGX

8 Months

Fully repaid

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