Business Restaurant with catering service
Loan request 1 200 000 UGX (€280)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 41
Family Married with one child
Funded 0%


Gorretei is the owner of the popular Prime Restaurant in Nansana. The restaurant employs five people and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and different snacks. Catering service to events such as weddings is also offered. The catering business has higher profit margins and Gorretei recently expanded that sector and created a separate company; Pinch Enterprises.
In fact, Gorretei was one of CML’s first clients when she opened her restaurant four years ago and needed a loan to buy a refrigerator.

Loan purpose

Gorretei wants to invest in a deep freezer. The freezer she is using today is for household purposes and the capacity is not enough for the growing business of Prime Restaurant.

Loan history with CML

YearLoan sizeLoan termRepayment history
 2011 500 000 UGX 4 months fully repaid
 2013 1 000 000 UGX 12 months  fully repaid
2015 1 200 000 UGX 12 months fully repaid
YearLoan sizeLoan termRepayment history

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