Business Rice farmer
Loan request 800 000 UGX (€ 210)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 45
Family Married with five children
Funded 0 %


Agnes rents a piece of land situated in a swampy lowland area. The conditions here are ideal for rice production. The soil is waterlogged year round and in dry season Agnes even grows maize and some vegetables as a compliment. Recently, Agnes also started a small poultry farm.

Mostly, Agnes works alone in the field but her husband also helps out when he is off his day job as a security guard. When it is weeding season, Agnes employs seasonal workers to help out.

Loan purpose

Agnes wants to increase the size of her land and needs a loan to be able to pay the rent on beforehand. She also plans to switch to another kind of rice that is of higher quality and needs capital to buy the seedlings. During the loan period of one year, Agnes will be able to harvest the rice two times.

Loan history with CML


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