Business Print shop
Loan request 14 500 000 UGX (€ 3 400)
Loan Term 2 years
Age 34
Family Married with two children
Funded 0 %


Rhoda has a print shop where she does all kind of printings – business cards, banners, stickers, books and different company branded items. She also helps her clients with graphical design. The shop is located in the busiest part of central Kampala and the Cardex staff has plenty of work to do.

Cardex has been in business for seven years and today Rhoda has two employees.

Loan purpose

A challenge in the printing industry is that buying new equipment requires a big amount of capital. Rhoda now wants a larger colour printer that will improve the quality of her work as well as increasing efficiency. This printer will cost around fourteen million shillings and Rhoda needs a loan to be able to do this investment

Loan history with CML


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