Business Tailor
Loan request 500 000 UGX (€120)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 35
Family Married with five children.
Funded 0%


Christine is a tailor specialized in Ugandan cultural wear for men – Kanzu. These clothes are used on special occasions, most commonly at the introduction ceremony – an important Ugandan tradition that corresponds to an engagement party.

Christine produces only on special order. According to the tradition, the groom has to buy a Kanzu not only for himself but also for giving as gifts to the father and the brother of the bride. This implies that one introduction ceremony can be a big order for Christine. Since Christine now has produced Kanzsus for three years, she is however ready to meet the demand and can produce up to three Kanzus a day.

Loan purpose

The price of the Kanzu depends of the quality of the cloth. To attract as many customers as possible, Christine therefore needs a big variety of cloth in stock. To reduce costs, Christine wants to buy in larger quantities and she needs a loan to be able to do that. 

Loan history with CML


Loan size

Loan term

Repayment history


300,000 UGX

6 months

Fully repaid


400,000 UGX

6 months

Fully repaid



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