Business Retail shop
Loan request 1 200 000 UGX (€ 280)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 40
Family Married with fivw children
Funded 0%


In Uganda, small retail shops selling different snacks, drinks and basic household goods are very common. Every road has at least one and it sometimes hard to understand how they all can make money. One of the retail shops is owned by Florence.  She has been in business for nine years. What makes her shop successful is that she offers her customers more than the common retail items. She makes her own snack food like cakes and samosas, she sell eggs from her own chickens and also produces a very popular juice.

Florence runs the shop alone but gets a lot of help from her oldest daughter who works in the shop every day after school.

Loan purpose:

Florence needs a loan for buying a new fridge. Offering cold drinks to the customers is a competitive advantage for a retail shop and the fridge Florence has is old and consumes a lot of power.  With a more modern fridge, Florence would be able to reduce her electricity bills significantly while still keeping her customers refreshed.

Loan history with CML


Loan size

Loan term

Repayment history


600,000 UGX

6 Months

Fully repaid


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