Business Passion fruit and fish farmer
Loan request 5 000 000 UGX (€ 1170)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 38
Family Married with three children
Funded 0%


Gideon has six acres of land that he can use for free since it is owned by a relative that lives in the US. On his land, he grows passion fruits, matooke and mangos. Recently, he also started with fish farming and he now has two ponds for trial.

Passion fruit is the most profitable crop that Gideon grows. However, it is also capital intensive. In addition to irrigation and fertilizers, the passion fruit vines need something to climb on in order to grow properly. A wire mesh is ideal to use but it requires many men to arrange that.

Loan purpose

Gideon is about to extend his passion fruit plantation. He needs the loan in order to put up wire mesh on both the new and older parts, an area of three acres in total. Since there has been little rain this year’s rainy season, he also needs to set up an irrigation system which will cost around 1.5 million.

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