Business Carpenter
Loan request 1 000 000 UGX (€230)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 30
Family Married with four children
Funded 0%


Joseph has been a carpenter for more than ten years. In his shop, he sells beds, tables, chairs and other types of furniture. Mostly, he produces on order and since he has been in business for long, he has many returning customers. Today, Joseph has two employees and he also trains young carpenters.

Joseph has just started specializing in kitchen interior. Since more and more Ugandans are moving from the traditional charcoal driven kitchens into modern electrical ones, Joseph expects the market for kitchen interior to boom.

The biggest challenge for Joseph is space. The place he rents is too small and he cannot store enough of furniture. Joseph hopes that he soon has enough capital for buying land and for set up a bigger shop.

Loan purpose

Joseph needs some new machinery to be able to make more detailed designs on kitchen interiors and wardrobes. He also wants an electric sander, something that would increase his productivity significantly. Because machinery in Uganda is expensive, he needs a loan to be able to make the investment.

Loan history with CML



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