Business Farmer
Loan request 700 000 UGX (€ 160)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 35
Family Two wives and in total five children
Funded 0%


Mathew owns about one acre of land in a village in Wakiso, just outside of Kampala. He grows mainly eggplants but also cabbage, pepper and other vegetables. He sells his vegetables to a middleman who later sells them in one of the many food markets in Kampala.

 In the future, Mathew wants to get an irrigation solution to be able to produce all year round. He is looking at getting a greenhouse but he needs to save some more money first.

Loan purpose

The biggest challenge for small scale farmers like Mathew is to be able to rent seasonal labor. Since the labor is needed to clear the land before the season starts, and the income is not generated until after the produce can be sold, the savings the farmers have is often not enough to be able to pay the workers. The loan Mathew gets will therefore be used for wages.

Loan history with CML



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