Business Vocational School
Loan request 10 000 000 UGX (€ 2340)
Loan Term 2 years
Age 36
Family Married with three children
Funded 40%


Steven runs a vocational school; School of Technology and Management (STAM). The school started already in 2006 and since then, many students have taken the different business and IT courses that are offered. The courses at STAM have a strong focus of on practical experience and on skills necessary for starting up your own business. That is something that makes STAM stand out from many other learning institutes. A problem in Uganda is that many university students graduate into unemployment since qualified jobs are few. In addition, the job market is corrupt and to get good job, the right connections are more important than skills. The students from STAM on the other hand are ready to create their own job once they are finished with the courses.

Another focus area for Steven is record keeping. In fact, he is both a partner and a client to CML as he is creating the record keeping book that CML is using a well as helping CML with client training as a consultant.

Currently, STAM has a big problem. The computers that are used in the courses are old and most are not functional any more. Steven is in a desperate need of new computers and other equipment such as a printer and a projector. Since this equipment is very expensive, Steven has a plan for maximizing the utilization of it. He wants to start a computer lab that will work both as a training center and a commercial internet café with printing and photocopy opportunities. A computer lab will increase the possibility for students to utilize the fact that many big universities today offer online courses. To assist students that are studying online is a new area of interest for Steven that he believes will be important in the future.

Loan purpose

Steven needs a loan to be able to by the equipment for his new computer lab. In addition to computers, a printer and a projector, he also needs to buy a generator to avoid the problem of lessons that are interrupted by power outbreaks, something that unfortunately is very common in Kampala. He also needs to find a good solution for providing fast and stable internet. In total, Steven budgets that the lab requires an investment of UGX 37 million, but he plans to start in a smaller scale.

Loan history with CML


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