Business Catering service
Loan request 3 000 000 UGX (€ 700)
Loan Term 1 year
Age 42
Family Married with one child
Funded 0%


After running her restaurant for five years, Gorretei realized that the margin in the catering business was very high. She decided to increase that side of her business and separated it into its own company; Pinch enterprises. Pinch enterprises grew quickly and today the company employs 8 people. The biggest event it has served so far was a wedding with 600 guests.

In the future, Gorretei wants her company to be able to provide full service to the catering clients, involving everything from providing tents and tables to wedding cakes.

Loan purpose:

To be able to help clients with larger events and also expand and do conferences and other business events, Gorretei needs to buy better equipment. For now, the biggest need is more plates, warmers and tables. This implies a large onetime expense and she needs a loan to realize these purchases.

Loan history with CML



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