Business Farmer
Loan request 6 000 000 UGX (€1400)
Loan Term 2 years
Age 24
Family Single
Funded 0%


Despite his young age, Joseph has already taken a Bachelors degree in Veterinary medicine as well as gained three years’ of experience in farming. He now divides his time between working as a vet in the neighbouring area and managing his farm. He has in total 12 acres of land where he grows pineapple, watermelon and sugar cane.

Joseph wants to help other young people succeed in farming. Currently he has two trainees on the farm. In the future, he wants to buy a bigger piece of land and have a big and modern farm that also could be used as a training centre. He is also interested in value addition - to create products such as juice and thereby sell his fruits with higher margin.

Loan purpose:

Joseph is planning to expand his plantation of watermelons. He currently has two acres and now he has gotten access to another four acres. He now needs capital for hiring labour and cultivate the land.

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